Return On 
Management Consultants

It's not just about engagement, it's also about energy!

In a World of Escalating Change & Disruption

You NEED everyone to be engaged, innovative and productive.

Only 25% of Canadian Employees are Engaged!

Are you dealing with disruptive change in your business?  

Do you want to increase employee engagement & innovation practices?

Return On Energy can help you generate positive energy to fuel great work.

ENGAGE           Creating and sustaining a healthy & innovative culture and work climate. 
ENERGIZE      Developing positive leadership & innovative teaming micro practices.
EXECUTE        Creating & implementing powerful strategic change initiatives.   

"Leaders who can create psychological safety AND hold their 

employees accountable for excellence are the highest performing." 

~Harvard Professor, Dr. Amy Edmondson

Healthy & Innovative Work Climate

Creating a workplace where all generations are engaged, creative and innovative, enabling sustainable success. Discover ways to create a psychologically safe & accountable work climate. Learn how to tap into positive human energy to fuel action needed to create and implement innovative solutions through Energizing Conversations @ Work.

Positive Leadership & Teaming

"The most important factor in predicting the effectiveness of your leaders is a metric you've never thought to measure. Find a way to leverage it, and you'll increase team performance by a factor of four." That factor is positive human energy to fuel your work.
~Professor Kim Cameron, Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan

Strategic Convening

Increase meeting productivity 10x through the power of the Appreciative Inquiry Summit–large group design lab.  Conduct Strategic Planning and Process Re-engineering in an engaging and interactive manner. Leverage the wisdom and experience of the whole system to discover what's working, dream what could be, design what might be, execute the action plan to deliver successful outcomes.