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It's not just about engagement, it's about energy!

Are you experiencing escalating change and disruption in your workplace?  

Do you want to increase your employee engagement and productivity?

Return on Energy Can Help.

Create Healthy & Innovative Workplaces

"Leaders who can create psychological safety AND hold their employees accountable for excellence are the highest performing." 

~Harvard Professor, Dr. Amy Edmondson

Positive Leadership & Teaming

"The most important factor in predicting the effectiveness of your leaders is a metric you've never thought to measure. Find a way to leverage it, and you'll increase team performance by a factor of four. That factor is positive human energy."
~Professor Kim Cameron, Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan

Strategic Convening

Today all organizations are facing unexpected levels of change and turbulence “with no road map.” What if we shift the question from “How do we manage change?” to “How do we manage change at the scale of the whole? It’s about successfully moving forward together.” 

~Professor David Cooperrider, Weatherhead School of Business, Case Western University