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Story telling has the power to transform

change resistant organizations.” ~~Steve Denning

Return On Energy (ROE) Purpose

Return On Energy is a management consulting business that focuses on engagement, strengths-based change, and organizational well-being.  As consultants, we guide and coach our clients through their change processes at the system level, the department level, the team level and importantly the individual level. 

In this complex, interconnected, ever changing world, the purpose of Return On Energy (ROE) is to consult with and serve, educate and energize individuals, organizations and communities. ROE helps clients to tap into unlimited positive human energy to fuel their actions, creating healthy working climates where people flourish and organizations grow and prosper in measurable and practical ways. 

Our job is to challenge clients to reframe from traditional problem solving to focusing on their strengths to create innovative and sustainable solutions. As a “learning partner” with our clients, we mentor and coach them to achieve extraordinary results. One aspect we use is to help them to focus on having a non-anxious presence in this turbulent time. 

At ROE, we and have extensive expertise in strengths-based approaches to strategic planning, large-scale change, community consultations, positive leadership and employee engagement. 

ROE focus is helping clients to embrace positive change management, beginning by changing their mindsets in response to the disruptive paradigm shifts they are experiencing. We do this by bringing different perspectives to the discussion, broadening the understanding as well as continuously challenging people with what is most difficult to do:  shift their mental framework and align behaviours with their new perspective. 

Maureen (Mo) McKenna, 

Energy Catalyst & Change Maker
Certified Management Consultant

The founder, Maureen McKenna is a leader in Canada in the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). She is a Certified Management Consultant, and a graduate of the Adler International Learning coaching program.  She has applied and taught Appreciative Inquiry since 2000.

Prior to to starting her own consulting practice in 1998, for more than twenty years, Maureen held management roles in manufacturing, service, distribution, marketing, total quality management (TQM) and human resources at Xerox Canada, and bring a wealth of practical experience to client engagements. 

Maureen is an active member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC). she is currently a lead on the CMC Professional Development Action Lab team. At the 2017 AGM, she was invited to be one of five management consultants on a panel discussion on “The Challenges of Management Consulting in a Disruptive Age”.

Maureen Is also an active and prominent member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association and in 2014, she chaired the 2nd CPPA conference in Ottawa, Ontario.. 

The Launch of Return on Energy

In 2013, Maureen saw the movie Chasing Ice, a documentary by James Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey that depicts the ravages of climate change on our glaciers around the world. In one scene of a glacier calving, two researchers witness a 7.4 cubic kilometres piece of ice fall into the water in less than 75 minutes.  "The calving of a massive glacier believed to have produced the ice that sank the Titanic is like watching a city break apart.*
The movie caused me to question what might she do to help. In a moment of insight she could see a parallel experience of the urgency for climate change in the physical earth environment and the urgent need for climate change in our organizations and communities - the human world environment. Maureen sensed that by helping people have conversations of possibilities, she could help generate healthy renewable energy to fuel the workplace and communities. 
(*Source: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chasing_Ice quote by  Dudek, Duane (2012), "Chasing ice pursues chilling evidence of climate change", Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, retrieved 24 January 2014).

The Book That Shifted Maureen from a TQM worldview to an Appreciative & Mindful worldview of work.

A key to creating a healthy organization or community is about daily practices of small decencies. 

In 1993, the corporation Maureen had been part of since 1976 began downsizing and it was a painful and traumatic time in my career.  She came across this book written in 1992 about reflections and meditations on being human at work.  The author was a consultant and in the first chapter he talks about the inhuman way that people were being 'downsized'.  He acknowledged that difficult decisions must be made in business, they could be made in a more human way.  Maureen wrote to the author John Cowan and he invited her to a workshop "Leadership and the Soul".  The experience felt very alien to her - she had been a quality specialist most of her career and this 'touchy feely' process of automatic writing felt strange.  However, she participated and wrote an essay that changed her life.  She wrote that the corporation that she was part of was metaphorically a plane and that Maureen was sitting in a seat by the exit door and the door was missing.  It was turbulent, noisy, windy as she sat and she was terrified, however, her past sky diving experience taught her that you must 'dive' out of the plane and if she realized that if she could calm herself down, she could stay on that corporate plane and develop a parachute of new skills and talents.  When Maureen was ready she would put on her colourful chute and joyfully jump to the destination of her choice.  

To view her diving experience, click on:

How Not to Sky Dive.

Three months later, Maureen became the lead Organizational Effectiveness Manager for Canada, working with the president and her team and six hundred head office staff.  She began a fabulous three year learning journey.  

The organization used the burning platform as the metaphor for change and incorporated all of their quality tools and techniques and the process failed.  In 1998, Maureen left to start her own consulting firm and began the journey to discover ways to create change that engages and energizes human beings to be part of the process.  She pursued Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space and other large group processes.  Through Appreciative Inquiry she discovered Positive Psychology and then Positive Organizational Scholarship - all of which has helped to inform her practice.

A wonderful short video that will show you a different way to view change. Click on: - From Burning Platform to Burning Ambition by Dr. Peter Fuda.


A Little About ROE Clients

ROE clients all share a desire to  grow healthy and innovative organizations and/or communities.


ROE has worked with all sectors including corporate, healthcare, all levels of education, not for profits, all three levels of government.  


At ROE our passion is helping our clients create strong relationships between the all the generations that co-exist in the workplace today.

Just as the external climate crisis is the result of using toxic sources of energy, our internal environment is becoming toxic as energy is sourced through fear, shortage and deficit mindsets. At ROE, we believe, we must change the way we interact with others in our personal and professional lives. We believe there is a yearning to be in a safe space where deep listening, sharing stories of our fears and our loves can happen. When we can appreciate our divergent views and discover where we are like-hearted, then we are ready to create a shared vision of the future that we will all work to make happen. 

At a time when there is a growing need to draw upon people to be innovative and creative, there is in many organizations and communities a shortage of human energy to fuel this growing need. Appreciative Inquiry is a new operating system that will address these issues directly.  The AIR framework is a great APP (Appreciative Powerful Practice) that can be used to guide a conversation or design an engagement.

A Little About the Founder Maureen (Mo) McKenna

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, Maureen came to Canada when she was 19 and she is proud to be both Scottish and Canadian. 

She loves travelling, learning, jazz, and being spontaneous – “playing with the mess”, if you will.  She has two great nephews who bring her joy and encourage her to pursue her hobbies. 

Writing is a new hobby. Maureen published a story in the  Anthology of Totally Unknown Writers, it was called Pink Steel Toed Shoes. It is a compilation of stories from her experience of being the first female manager in manufacturing back in the early 1980s.   "Maureen “Mo” McKenna trades in her high heels and cushy executive digs at head office for a pair of pink steel-toed shoes and a grey portable office behind some racks in a manufacturing plant. In an environment where managers and employees alike are accustomed to male supervisors—sparks fly!"

While Toronto is her home,  her extensive travels, warm demeanor, sense of humour, infectious energy (so she has been told) and inquisitive nature help her feel at home wherever she hangs her hat.

Why Engage Return on Energy (ROE)?

Do you need to increase engagement, collaboration, creativity and innovation in your organization?

Are you looking to for ways to create a healthy work climate where people thrive and the organization flourishes?


Are looking for ways to avoid burnout by creating a psychological safe work climate with a strong sense of accountability?

If you can say yes to any of the above, contact us to learn how to  help your employees thrive and your organization to flourish!

Be ready to 'fully charge' your organization from a source of positive human energy!

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