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Through our two decades of experience, we can guarantee that after working with Return on Energy, you'll have more energy and you'll learn at least one practical tool or technique.

Return on Energy Purpose

Return on Energy focuses on employee engagement, leadership development, strengths-based change, and organizational well-being.  As consultants, we guide and coach our clients through their change processes at the system level, the department level, the team level and importantly the individual level. 

Our job is to challenge clients to reframe traditional ways of problem solving to focusing on their strengths to create innovative and sustainable solutions. As consultants and “learning partners", we advise and facilitate change that can achieve extraordinary results.  

“Passionate, positive human energy can provide a counterbalance to the disruptive negative forces of an age of unprecedented change. Through it comes confidence, inspiration and the power to transform things for the better.”

~~Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple Inc. 

Maureen (Mo) McKenna, 

Energy Catalyst & Change Maker
Certified Management Consultant

I am a leader in Canada in the field of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). I've been a Certified Management Consultant since 2009, and a graduate of the Adler International Learning Coaching Program.  I have applied and taught Appreciative Inquiry since 2000.

I bring more than twenty years of practical management experience to client engagements. Prior to to starting my own consulting practice in 1998, I held management roles in manufacturing, service, distribution, marketing, total quality management (TQM) and human resources at Xerox Canada.

Volunteer Activities

  • Member of the  Global Council of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners at the David L. Cooperrider Appreciative Inquiry Center. 
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC).
  • TAOS Institute associate 
  • Member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA). Conference chair for the 2nd CPPA conference and conference committee member for the 2018 CPPA conference being held in Toronto on May 24th and 25th. 
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AIR Framework

This simple, yet powerful,  process will positively energy any interaction. You can take all three steps or you can just focus on just one or more steps.  Begin by pausing before you start a conversation or gather for a meeting. Consider the purpose for the meeting, your intentions and the ideal outcome. Positively reframe the topic and craft generative questions. 

"When a machine pauses it stops. When a human pauses you start to reflect, rethink assumptions, start to reimagine what is possible, and most importantly you start to reconnect with your most deeply held beliefs. Once you have done that you can being to imagine a better path."
~ Dov Seidman
Take a moment to get clear on your intention for this interaction.  What do you want to get more of? Are you coming to the conversation or meeting with an open heart and mind?

How might you reframe the situation you are exploring - from 
Appreciate and learn from the past. Ask a generative question to understand what strengths and lessons have you learned from the past. This helps to build relationships.

Step 2:   Imagine the ideal future. What do all those impacted by the change want to  happen?

Step 3:   Reflect upon what has been discussed and identify actions need to achieve the vision of the future.

AIR framework was designed by Maureen McKenna, Return On Energy and Tim Fleming, Innovation Works.

Why Engage
Return on Energy

  • Return on Energy has more than twenty years experience helping organizations create healthy cultures and work climates.
  • We can help you avoid burnout by creating a psychologically safe work environment, in which people are accountable & motivated.

  • We work with you to strengthen your leadership,  teaming, and communications skills.

Contact us to learn how to  help your employees thrive and your organization to flourish!

“Positive energy is a feeling of aliveness, arousal, vitality and zest. It is the life-giving force that allows us to perform, to create, to persist. It unlocks capacity within us and actually increases our ability to flourish.

Energizers are trustworthy, they pay attention, they build and foster confidence in others, they are unselfish, and are good problem solvers."  

~Professor Kim Cameron


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