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It's not just about engagement, it's about energy!

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Savouring fond memories of work, play and friendship.

Life consists only of moments, nothing more than that.   

So if you make the moments matter, it all matters.” 

~~ Professor Ellen Langer

Imagine Student Success (ISS)

ISS strategic convening summit, had more than one thousand key stakeholders present.   

One hundred and twenty schools participated with a team of six grade 7 to 10 students and one teacher. In total, the students conducted more than 2,000 interviews with students and adults on what makes school a success. All 720 students and 120 teachers came together at the Toronto Convention Centre, along an additional 200 stakeholders, including the Minister of Education, to talk and dream about what makes school a success for students who are struggling to succeed. The number one answer was "Teacher and student" relationships.  "A class is hard when I feel judged, but a class is easy when I feel supported and encouraged to do more than I could ever image I could do." Grade 9 student.  This topic became the focus for another full inquiry.