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Appreciative Inquiry 

is a collaborative search to identify and understand an organization’s strengths, its potentials, its greatest opportunities, and people’s hopes for the future. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a philosophy, a system, and a methodology developed by David Cooperrider, a professor of Organizational Behaviour at Case Western Reserve University. David designed the AI approach through his work at the Cleveland Clinic over 30 years ago to:

  • seek the best of ‘what is’
  • ignite the collective imagination of ‘what could be’, and
  • generate new knowledge which expands the “realm of the possible.”

Most importantly AI is a unique invitation - an invitation to bring people together to create the future they care about by innovating on top of the very best of the past. AI is an effective process for any planning effort, which requires strategic vision and is an empowering methodology for innovation, development, and team building.

At Return On Energy, Appreciative Inquiry  is the operating system for all that we do. We began teaching Appreciative Inquiry in 2001